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OBOM is a fabric famous in Africa made from tree bark. CULTUREPEDIA Cards is a collection of playful, creative and educational CARD GAMES to perpetuate and transmit the African cultural heritage ”. Through these cards, you can Play, Learn, reclaim the cultural heritage of Africa, or discover the richness and cultural diversity of the continent. The OBOM collection, inspired by the cultural diversity of the FANG-BETI peoples of CAMEROON, is the first creation in a series of personalized card games of a cultural nature. The desire of Culturepedia is to promote the richness and cultural diversity of African countries, by highlighting artistic creations like fabrics, and original traditional cultures of Africa. The card pack contains a total of 55 cards: 1 explanatory card, which presents the African fabric used in the background of the cards, and 54 standard cards used for the game. The content of the game cards are very particular. All known figurines of classic card games have been removed, and replaced by African cultural images and symbols, and explanatory and descriptive texts. Do you know MVETT or MENDZANG among the FANG-BETI people? use of panther skin or fly repellent (APKAGA)? the origin of OBOM fabric, made from tree bark? Our games will give you all the cultural secrets of the peoples of Africa. Play, have fun, discover and pass this knowledge down from generation to generation.

Color: Grey
Material: Cardboard, Paper

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September 21, 2020
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