Fruit powder 4cotes or four sides ground 100g

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FOUR SIDED FRUIT POWDER The four-sided fruit or even called esese comes from the Tetrapleura tetraptera tree, from which it takes its name, it is part of the Mimosaceae family. It is a perennial tree growing in parts of tropical Africa and West Africa. THE BENEFITS • Fight against asthma, • Fight against diabetes, hypertension and back pain. • Fight against vaginal itching, • Brings a good intimate smell. • Treats painful periods and infertility problems, • Fights fibroids, myoma, cysts, and cleanses the stomach of all impurities. • Fight against blocked tubes and problems during ovulation, • Acts against blackish menses • Treats inflammations of the uterine cervix. • Treats dysmenorrhea, adenomas How to use For your privacy Put a tablespoon in 1.5 liters of hot water Make your steam bath, your personal toilet and drink it. Over a week, you should purge with 3 times, spacing out the uses of a day. Good to know: At first some people may be prone to vomiting and pain on the left side. However, this is an almost mandatory step, continue the treatment to appreciate the results. In cosmetics After childbirth, to take care of mother and child. Melt 500g of shea butter and add a shaved tablespoon, overturn your preparation in a pot and close. Use the after-bath preparation as a day and night cream for mother and baby. It cleanses the complexion and protects against many skin problems. NB: In addition, it is not recommended, or even prohibited, for pregnant women to use this fruit. Quantity: 100g

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December 27, 2021
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