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How do orders work on Afrikrea?

It's quite simple: on you buy directly the products from different designer shops, with whom you can chat, even before buying, simply by registering on the platform.

In detail, here are the main steps of a transaction on

  1. You add to the cart the articles that you like and pay the different sellers at once
  2. Each designer has 48hours to accept your order. If he does not or cancel it, you are automatically refunded, free of charge
  3. Once the designer has accepted the order, he can notify as soon as he has sent the package. In the meantime, you can communicate with him or her on the platform
  4. When the product has been shipped, you have 30 days to confirm receipt and evaluate the designer, or open a thread if the order does not suit you or has not arrived yet

Please note that in most cases, the seller cannot access the funds of your purchase until you confirm the reception of the product.

Throughout the transaction, you can communicate with the creators (and even before) using the internal messaging system.

And rest assured, the Afrikrea team is on standby and at your disposal, if you have any doubt.

Can I ask for specific customized changes to a designer?

A large part of the designers offer bespoke designs, or at least, allow you to choose different fabrics or colors.

To do this, just reach out to the designer through the “Contact the seller” button on the product page. You can then discuss and describe what you want. Subsequently, the designer will make you a proposal in return.

Do you ship internationally?

Of course! On, you can buy Africa-inspired crafts from anywhere in the world.

At any time, you can confirm how the product can be delivered to you, in the " shipping infos" specified by the creator. Click the link just below the price of the item or under the product image, in the "Shipping & Policies" section.

Most creators deliver all over the world and even in Africa and are quite flexible on the method of delivery.

You can always contact the creators (and even before the purchase) by contacting them on the product page of interest.

How can I check my shipping fees? Can my order be delivered quicker?

Shipping time differs according to the designers and the items they send.
You can at any time see the costs and delivery time for the item specified by the designer by click the “shipping info” link just below the price of the item or under the product image, in the "Shipping & Policies" section.

If you are in a hurry and urgently need the item for an event or a gift, do not hesitate to contact the designer by clicking “Contact the seller” button on the product’s page. She will tell you what she can do, even before you pay.

How can I pay? Is it safe?

The payments on are perfectly and completely safe, in accordance with current best practices of global online commerce.

All data that you might communicate to us during your payment is protected and limited to the use that you specify with your authorization. We have no access to your bank details, they are transferred in a crypted and secure manner to our partner entity ADYEN.

How can I track my order?

You can at any time check the progress of your order and contact the designer, in your personal space, using the "Purchases" button, once you are logged in.

Your order will be shipped once the designer has validated the order and confirmed the availability of the item. The deadlines for each order are specified in advance by the designer. You can find them below the product image in the " Shipping & Policies " tab.

You will receive an email to inform you about the validation of the order, as well as another email for the shipping of your product.

What can I do if I don’t receive my order?

If you have not received your order, while the designer has indicated he or she already sent it, or if you spent more than a week without any news from the seller, we encourage you to contact him or her via the internal messaging service. He will answer you and keep you informed as soon as possible.

To do so, once logged in, you just go to the “Purchases” section of your account, and then on the “Contact the seller” button.

However, if after doing so, you have no feedback, you can report an issue on this order and the Afrikrea team will ensure that you are informed and / or reimbursed (if necessary).

What should I do if the order doesn’t suit me or if i wish to be reimbursed?

You have the opportunity to report an issue to the designer. Each seller specifies in his or her general conditions, how he or she accepts returns or not.

We suggest you read these terms and contact him or her via the internal messaging system on the website to determine how to proceed for the return.

In case of no response from him or her, contact us on specifying your order number and the necessary information.

We invite you to follow the procedure as such:

  1. Send a message via the internal messaging tool to the designer with a short description of the defect and / or the manner in which it occurred.
  2. Also attach photos. In order for the seller to receive all your files, the maximum size is 10MB for all attachments.
  3. Upon receipt of your photos, the designer will process your request as quickly as possible.

You will then receive, within a few days, a response from him or her with the procedure to follow. If this is not the case after 10 days, send us an email.

How much does a return cost ?

Each designer specifies in his or her general conditions, whether or not he or she accepts the returns, as well as the conditions and costs.

We invite you to consult these conditions on the product page, under the image in the " Shipping & Policies " tab, or the same tab on a seller's store page.

Anyway, once the order received, do not hesitate to contact the designer to discuss with him if you are not satisfied.

How should I proceed if I wish to cancel my order?

Once your order paid, you have the same time as the seller (2 days), if you want to cancel your order.

However, once this time is over, we suggest you discuss with the designer or with the Afrikrea team, to find a solution if necessary.

What should I do if I don’t get any answer from the designer or if (s)he doesn’t acknowledge the issue I reported?

In case of litigation, Buyers and Sellers should start first by using internal messaging. In case of no agreement, the Afrikrea team can step in.

Anyway, after several thousand orders, we have never had a client whose litigation has not been solved and we do not intend to start with you ;).

Send us a message and we’ll take care of you :)

For more details, please consult the Terms of Use.

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